Sept. 15, 2022

Preview of new collections

New dimensions for handmade majolica


The new Danilo Ramazzotti collections tell the world of handmade through emotions, shapes and colors.


It was born observing the simplicity of inclined surfaces and the beauty of the folds that know how to transform a surface into an object; a tangible volume charged with the power of the imagination.


Eden collection: CODA DI PAVONE e FOGLIE.

An enchanted garden that with its colors, marked and changed by the seasons, dresses our spaces and accompanies our days, giving us the feeling of being surrounded by a dreamlike, magical and childish world. So is the garden; a mysterious place populated by scents, sounds and fantastic animals, a place that whispers to our selves the way to find our roots.



Evocative colors inspired by the refined world of makeup. The particular sensitivity of the enamel is inspired by the brightness and compactness of the pressed powders, soft and silky, which skilfully mixed know how to interpret emotions and moods. The 7.5x15cm technical format is reinvented thanks to manual molding that creates soft and slightly irregular edges and a material texture inspired by the lived-in surfaces of powders and eye shadows.